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Database Backup Tool - goranpilipovic.com

A Database backup tool that should make you sleep better at night :)

What is DB Backup?

DB Backup is PHP class that will:

  1. Create mysql dump with custom export options.
  2. Export entire database or only selected tables.
  3. Compress using gzip, rar, zip, bzip2. If you use RAR it will split in custom chunks.
  4. Upload to FTP server.
  5. Send to your email as an attachment

You can also setup cron to do it automatically.

Can I see it first?

Yes, there's a demo available. You can customize all options and send to your FTP server or email

I want to try it

Go to download page to get latest version. It's free.

Need more info?

Sure, there's a little help to explain all features, requirements and installation instructions.